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Our business is based on three core values:


At BZIX Consulting & Management we have a unique international network and best-in-class expert knowledge of the global factoring & receivables finance industry and of international association management. These are the areas where we can really make a difference and add value. We therefore exclusively accept missions that fit within our domain expertise.


Call us old-fashioned, but at BZIX Consulting & Management we believe in being on time, respecting agreements and in delivering what was promised. When you work with us, we will be part of your solution, not part of your problem.


When working with BZIX Consulting & Management don't expect fancy powerpoints on the latest business hype or the next big thing. We believe that ideas should lead to implementation and then to tangible results. Nelson Mandela once said : "Vision without action is only day dreaming. Vision with action can change the world." At the end of the day, only results will matter.


Erik has over 30 years of experience in the world of factoring & receivables finance and over 12 years in leading a global association.

Erik is globally recognized as a progressive leader in the factoring industry and an acknowledged expert in Association Management.

As Secretary General of IFG he initiated, negotiated and brought to successful implementation the merger between IFG and FCI on 31/12/2015.

He initiated and launched with European national associations the EU Federation for Factoring & Commercial Finance in 2008.

In March 2018 he received the Life Time Achievement Award at the BCR Receivables Finance Convention and the Leadership in Receivables Finance award at the Business Money Awards ceremony.

Erik is perfect trilingual Dutch-French-English and has excellent active knowledge of German.


Over 2000 contacts on LinkedIn, primarily from the Factoring and Association Management world.

An estimated 2 million miles travelled all around the globe to meet with banks, financial institutions, factoring companies, regulators, associations...

BZIX Consulting & Management has established a unique network of contacts. This means that even if we can't be everything to everybody at the same time, there is a fair chance we can point you in the right direction for support or information on a specific question in relation to our domain expertise. We also keep a short but very precious list of consulting companies that have the capacity and proven reliability to cooperate on projects that go beyond our expertise or availability.

We are member of :

BSAE (Belgian Society for Association Executives)

GUBERNA (Belgian Association for Board Directors)