Businesses grow, expand, look for new markets and new clients internationally. Managing the risks and working capital needs that go with this growth is not an easy task for an SME owner. Credit Insurance, Factoring, Trade Finance, F/X products, Fintech providers ... many solutions exist on the market. But deciding which solution is the most appropriate for an individual business owner can lead to a headache. 

With over 30 years of expertise in the world of factoring & receivables finance, in combination with a thorough understanding of the challenges of international trade, BZIX Consulting & Management is well placed to advice corporates in this area.


International Associations are faced with many challenges. In many associations membership numbers and membership involvement are under pressure. New ways of communication with members and new income generating models have to be developed. The days that associations could rely on volunteers and on one annual meeting to remain relevant are definitely behind us. It takes leadership, governance and professional management to run an association successfully. BZIX Consulting & Management has a proven track record of over 12 years in managing and developing global associations.

We provide different forms of services to International Associations and European Federations:

  • Strategic review of the Association's model
  • Operational audit and recommendations for improvement
  • Full outsourcing of Event & Conference Management
  • Support with EU advocacy initiatives
  • Member satisfaction surveys

BZIX can also set-up your association and act as hosting address for your association's activities:

  • support with incorporation of by-laws and governance structure
  • Administrative, financial and legal compliance
  • Communication & Event management (website, newsletters, etc...)
  • Organization and minutes of committee meetings.


Factoring continues to grow at double digit rates, both in emerging and in mature markets. The reason for this success is obvious : Factoring offers the "best of both worlds" : it provides working capital finance to SME's, whilst keeping the loss given default for the finance provider well below the losses of traditional non-secured and non-monitored lending. 

All over the world, there is a growing interest in factoring services. Banks and alternative lenders look for safe ways to serve their SME markets. Policy makers are interested in developing factoring as a tool for SME support, inclusion and economic growth. With an unrivalled network and expertise in the global factoring industry, BZIX Consulting & Management is in a unique position to support these initiatives.

Visit for more information on our initiative for a new cooperative community for Receivables Finance.

We provide on project or retainer basis a multitude of services:

  • Interim Management
  • Strategic review
  • Advice on Marketing & Sales
  • Review of the organization, processes and systems
  • Audit of Risk Management
  • Education & Training

We accept a limited number of non-executive board memberships in Banks, Non-Bank Factoring institutions, Fintechs, Credit Insurance companies or any service provider to the Receivables Finance Industry. This cooperation form is ideal for Banks and Alternative Lenders who want an external expert's view on their performance on a regular basis.